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To 'Ubuntufy' is to commit to the work of acknowledging and honouring people's dignity and humanity with care and compassion. Here, we believe in braving the discomfort of seeing, acknowledging and feeling; and allowing those feelings to inspire us towards compassionate action. Our volunteer training is an introduction to our care practice. Because we collaborate with marginalized and vulnerable members of society, we believe it is important to show up with a spirit of self-awareness, kindness and a generosity of understanding. We truly rely on our volunteers to help us provide valuable care support to our patrons and so your commitment is something we deeply appreciate. 


Our patrons are often on the receiving end of being ignored, sidelined, discriminated against, abandoned and injured physically and emotionally without regard. So we ask of our volunteers to be ready to honour the call of being a care-collaborator; which includes attending trainings, following through on assigned tasks, showing genuine care, committing to unlearning and of course showing up in a spirit of kindness.  Participation in our volunteer training is required for any persons who want to participate in our workshops, help organize our picnic and fundraising events and support our mental health activism. 

Ubuntu  promotes social coherence through mentoring, helping people to share their stories, identifying with one another and realizing our mutual need.  

We make the best of what we have, because we know that a little can go a long way if you just add a little kindness! We're a network-centric organization, which means that we reach more people and more resources through connecting to the people in our respective networks. As a member of our volunteering group, you'll be helping us source supplies for our workshops, connect to potential sponsors for our events and fundraising, you'll learn a lot more about trauma, working with people living homeless and the value of art as a therapeutic and activist medium.  Mostly , you'll learn how to make a big difference with a little intention, creativity and a couple of kind hearts in the mix!

Some general things to know:
1.   Once you've completed the application form, you will receive an e-mail with a link to our Whatsapp group, where more volunteering details about upcoming volunteering opportunities will be shared.

2.  Currently our workshops only take place on Thursdays, 2-4:30 pm in Braamfontein. 

3.  Fundraising events make take place on selected weekends. Volunteering details will be shared in the whatsapp group.

4.  To donate toiletries or to support any of our project activities, click here.

you ARE the luck! 
You ARE the compassion!

You ARE the love!
You ARE the kindness!

Becoming an 'ubuntufyer'...

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